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How to Organize Your Workday with Vabotu

May 18, 2018

Organization and structure are essential to keeping on top of your workload. Today we have higher demands on us than ever before. It is important to find out how to organize your workday, so there will be no excuse for not delivering and not staying on top of tasks. The challenge is managing all of the tasks, information, and mental clutter to ensure that technology is optimizing you, rather than overwhelming you.

Vabotu is designed for remote teams and creative teams to work better.

Use Vabotu to organize your workday and life

Every Vabotu workspace is broken into three sections — critical features which have never before been combined on any other platform — to help you and your team to work more productively. Through exceptional organization. Vabotu is the most organized platform in its market. Bringing together team messaging, collaboration and design feedback, under the one roof. Everything you need to organize your workday, collaborate with team members, and provide detailed feedback, is housed within the Vabotu platform.

Vabotu Collaboration
Vabotu’s Collaboration page is where instant messaging happens. You can private message with individuals or groups. You can have public channels which everyone in the company can find and access. And you even have your own channel to write yourself notes and reminders relevant to your work.

Linking messaging into our collaboration and project management tool, Vabotu is cutting time wasted communicating off the platform. It also means all communication is easily searchable in the Workspace it is relevant to.

Vabotu Boards
Vabotu’s Boards are your teams easy to use project and task management solution. From the Boards tab, you can see all of the to-dos across the selected Workspace. Your tasks, as well as the rest of the teams. Giving a quick, visual overview or the status of the project. From this section you can easily organize, edit, prioritize and add new tasks.

Vabotu Boards gives you a high-level view of everything that’s going on in your Workspace(s). Furthermore, this section allows you to easily coordinate and organize your teams’ tasks. You can schedule tasks for yourself and others, set due dates and add comments and mentions to team members for improved organization, task management, and collaboration.

Vabotu Media
Vabotu’s Media Hub hosts all of the files shared or uploaded within a workspace. From here you can review this media, add comments, assign tasks or notes to another person, or share with your team.

All activities (comments, assigning tasks, sharing, etc.) done within the Media Hub is linked back to the project that the media is assigned to.

Vabotu is the most comprehensive team communication, collaboration and project management tool. Every resource you need to do your job is on the one platform. Not only together but each function seamlessly linked so that all communication and actions are reflected and able to be tracked for the project.

Vabotu allows you to be more organized with Boards. More communicative with Collaboration. And clearer in design feedback with Media. Saving you and your business time and money.

Register for your free trial of the Vabotu platform today to see how you can improve your day to day organization.

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