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Getting started: Your first week in Vabotu

September 29, 2017

Vabotu, the collaborative app that allows design teams to master work flow and complete projects on time, is one way to add transparency, productivity, and creativity back into your (virtual) office. But what might it look like when you’re starting out to use this new program?

Just like how allocating money into a savings account, eating your vegetables, and drinking enough water every day sometimes can seem like pulling teeth, change can be hard. Expect there to be a learning curve and a period of time while teammates adjust to this new way of conducting business. Here are some simple and quick ways to add in Vabotu into your daily process so people will be a pro in no time.

Keep it simple.

Managing the ins and outs of all the app details may take time to become acquainted with. Start small and give Vabotu a try with a smaller project that may have some deadline flexibility. Share upfront with co-workers that tasks and information for this project will be exclusively shared on Vabotu. As co-workers become more and more accustomed to the layout and the design features, they’ll be more apt to get on board once they see how simple it truly is.

Keep talking.

One way to make sure everyone on board is to keep the conversation going. Keep talking within the business channel team messaging and see that each participant responds. If anyone has questions, having them ask them within the parameters of Vabotu and sharing the answer in the community thread is one way to share the education with the group as whole. Upload relevant documents to the correct threads and project workspaces and assign simple tasks to certain workers so they can mark them done relatively quickly. Daily check-ins and fun discussions are totally appropriate and will keep co-workers coming back for more.

Keep planning.

As Vabotu becomes more and more prevalent within your work and business teams, work to expand its scope. Encourage others to jump on board, and even if they are not a key element for one certain project, make another workspace so everyone is included. Try to have Vabotu become a company-wide interface where everyone can work and communicate collaboratively.

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