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Most teams use 3-5 tools to manage their projects. And so the cost of running a business adds up fast.


What is Vabotu?
Vabotu is a project coordination platform for teams that offers team messaging, project management, collaboration and online storage in one easy to use tool.

Is there a free version of vabotu?
Yes, you may signup for the free of Vabotu here.

What features does Vabotu offer?

Vabotu offers Team Messaging, Tasks and Project Management, Collaboration and Online Storage.

For a list of features and product comparison, please see chart below:


Why Should my team use Vabotu?
Nowadays teams are required to use several tools to communicate, share files, manage projects and collaborate. Tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, InVision and GotoMeeting among others. By using a multitude of tools, teams waste 40% in efficiency, 50% in productivity plus they pay high subscription prices.

How do you bring it all together? That’s what we do. Vabotu is one product that combines the tools every team needs to efficiently coordinate projects at a 60% cost reduction.

How do I get started in Vabotu?
To get started with Vabotu, select from one of the plans here.

What devices is Vabotu available on?
Vabotu is now available as a MacWindows iOS and Android and Web app. The web app may be accessed via these web browsers: Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, across Mac and PC.

What browsers are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

browser supported by vabotu

What operating systems are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Mac, PC operating systems. We are working on introducing a native Vabotu mobile app across iOS and Android.
vabotu supports these os