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Coming Soon: New Features to Bring Efficiency and Harmony to Teams

July 01, 2019

Great work takes great teams and here at Vabotu, we’re committed to supporting them with our collaboration tool.

With the future of the work being increasingly remote, we’ve paid special attention to our remote teams. We admire the way they make magic even if they’re thousands of miles apart.

We respect that excellence and we want to see it on a large scale.

This is why we want to improve every bit of Vabotu so it gives teams what they’ve always needed from a project management collaboration tool.

So far, we’ve created the ultimate collaboration tool by bringing the following features together in one seamless workspace:

  • Team messaging
  • Kanban task boards
  • Collaboration hubs

Are we done?

No way!

In fact, we’re introducing 7 new features that will help teams manage their work and improve their performance.

Here’s what we’re working on, coming to Vabotu soon:

  1. Shareable folders
  2. Calendar view for task boards
  3. Task board templates
  4. Activity logs
  5. Mobile task boards
  6. Time tracking
  7. Group calling

Let’s take a deeper look at how teams will be able to use these features:

  1. Marie Kondo-ing Project Management

We’re taking a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and adding shareable folders to Vabotu’s media section to improve the way teams can organize their numerous files within their Vabotu workspaces.

So far, Vabotu’s media hub allowed team members to upload their files, request feedback, and discuss that same feedback in one place. No need to switch tabs.

There’s still no need to switch tabs, but now we’re upping the ante by adding folders that can be shared within and outside of Vabotu.

Shareable folders are a feature that’s been requested by numerous users, and we listened.

It’s definitely going to be useful for keeping clients or top management in the loop without making them sign up for Vabotu and sift through hundreds of files.

We know project management can get messy. All artists love their creative chaos, after all.

But by bringing in a little more order with folders, teams will be able to manage their work even more efficiently than before!

  1. Calendar View for Task Boards

Another feature Vabotu users can expect is calendar view for task boards.

While our task boards function on the Kanban principle (three work sections: to do, in progress, and done), they’ve always included due dates so team members know exactly when they need to finish a task.

Additionally, the cards in Vabotu task boards allow team leads to assign team members to projects, they can be labeled (especially useful if a team is working on many things at once), and feedback can be requested with a simple @mention.

However, the new calendar view feature will allow users to view their tasks according to their due dates.

Users will be able to adjust time frames, as well as prioritize tasks according to the deadlines.

After all, 75% of success is prioritization. And sometimes you just have to let deadlines set your tempo.

  1. Task Board Templates

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” The saying rings true when it comes to project management.

We know that once a team finds their winning organization formula, they stick and swear by it.

We want to make this even easier with the newest feature: task board templates.

With this feature, users will be able to save templates they can apply across any workspace.

If a team is working on multiple projects at once, this is especially useful, as they don’t have to recreate everything every time there’s a new project.

All they have to do is copy and paste what already works.

Vabotu task board templates will save:

  • Columns
  • Tasks
  • Descriptions
  • Sub-tasks

Forget about cross-referencing a previous workspace with a new one.

All teams need to do is find their winning Vabotu task board template, and then replicate it with every other project.

  1. Activity Log

Projects can get hectic which is exactly why our collaboration tool is getting a shiny new feature: activity log.

With the activity log, admins will be able to see the entire activity log of actions that were performed by everyone within the company (who uses the Vabotu workspace).

Wondering if Mary updated her task card? Joe extended his deadline? Has Nina left feedback?

There’s no need to get a headache over it again, as team leads can simply log in and see who’s changed what since the last time they were around.

Additionally, the activity log will keep historical records about all the actions team members have performed.

If teams want to measure their performance and monitor their activity, they absolutely can.

And at the same time, they’ll reduce the need for long status update meetings.

Everything teams really need can be found in Vabotu.

  1. Task Boards Are Coming to Mobile

We all take our work home sometimes. Or, at least, we take it to public transport. What else are we going to do during the commute?

This is why we’re thrilled to announce that the Vabotu mobile app has been made available as of June 2019!

So far, the Vabotu mobile app allowed users to effectively communicate and collaborate on the go.

However, we’re now working on adding task boards to mobile versions of our app so teams can do absolutely everything on the go; from communication to project management and collaboration.

Work is dynamic, and it’ll stay dynamic. We want Vabotu to be there for teams when and where they need it.

With the new update to the mobile app, teams can do their best work from anywhere. Even the beach!

All they need are their phones.

  1. Time Tracking

Now, time tracking is another user favorite that we’re currently working on bringing to our collaboration tool.

When teams are able to track their time, they’re able to track their performance and their habits, as well.

And when you can track it – you can improve it.

With the newest addition to the Vabotu offer, users will be able to track their time and even share their progress with others.

Team lead wants to know how much time it took a team member to wrap up a task?

No problem!

They can just click once or twice within their Vabotu workspace, and they’ll be good to go!

  1. Group Calling, Screen Sharing and Recording

This is a big one – even for us!

As part of our project roadmap, we’re thrilled to introduce a better way for teams to stay connected.

Team messaging has always been a part of our core offer.

And by integrating it with the rest of the tools and creating a full-blown collaboration hub, our users have been able to stop wasting time on switching between tabs and trying to track down the right information.

And since we know that efficiency is a priority, teams will now be able to:

  • Call
  • Video call
  • Share their screen
  • Record their sessions

All within the Vabotu apps: Mac, Windows, web app, and the mobile app.

Whether teams want to use it for an impromptu group brainstorming session or as a platform for efficient group meetings, Vabotu’s got their back.

All teams have to do is deliver excellent work!

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