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Vabotu – The chaos coordinator

October 01, 2017

Getting on the same page with work teams may have been difficult in the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Vabotu has revolutionized how design teams, clients, departments, project managers, and freelancers talk to each other—and talk to each other in productive and useful ways. On one single platform, Vabotu coordinates the chaos by synching freelancers and design teams with their clients and directly to one another.

Vabotu  will help you coordinate the chaos in a project

Collaborating in real time makes a difference when you’re designing a project—especially a creative one.

Instant messaging with entire groups saves you the time of collecting business contacts, inputting those contacts and phone numbers into your phone, making specific group chats, or sending emails and wondering if everyone is hitting the “Reply All” button when they have something to say. Everyone is easily on the same page—literally.

Task boards are an easy way to have a “bird’s eye view” of entire projects and project timelines and track the unfolding progress. You can also easily manage your own To Do list here as well so no assignment sneaks up on you.

Design feedback, directly on design files, is a great way for creatives to collaborate and communicate about what is working and what isn’t. Simply click on the image to add a comment. Sharing artistic feedback, while can sometimes be a pain, especially in email chains, isn’t the story here. With Vabotu, exchanging opinions happens in real time which means people won’t be waiting for an email to ping in their inbox. The inbox can sometimes become a rabbit hole and can lead workers away from the task at hand. (It’s okay, we’re all guilty of it now and again.)

All in all, Vabotu offers a simple yet exquisite choreography for the chaos of the workspace. It helps keep design teams, clients, departments, project managers, and freelancers focused, yet still working together, which ultimately is how all the hard work gets done.

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