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Category Archives: Task Board Ideas

Development Team – Board

Posted on by admin

Vabotu Kanban style visual boards helps development teams visualize the work flowing through their Scrum, Scrumban, waterfall, or other hybrid process. Here, we provide an example on how you can setup your development board in Vabotu. We recommend setting up the following columns: Backlog (Drafts), Current Sprint, Phase 2, Feedback and Code Review. As an […]

Education – Board

Posted on by admin

For educational purposes, this Vabotu Kanban board is a better alternative to physical boards that teachers nowadays use in classrooms. Here, teachers can create tasks with student’s names and place them in 3-individual columns: To Do, Doing and Done. Teachers can leave comments, grade student’s work, add file attachments and assign task to students. Here’s […]

Sales Cycle – Board

Posted on by admin

Improve your Sales cycle and start tracking your leads with this Vabotu Kanban board sample. In this example, you can see all your leads in a single view and ensure that every lead proceeds by following your internal sales process. We recommend moving each prospect from the Lead In column on to the next as […]

HR – Board

Posted on by admin

During the hiring process, Vabotu Task Boards can serve as a technique for organizing your candidates’ status, documents, and interviews. In our example, we divided the board using the following columns:All Candidates – These are all that applied for the open position Interviews – These are the ones that made it to the interview round […]

Feedback QA and Support – Board

Posted on by admin

In Vabotu with you can effortlessly manage the Support and QA process of any project. In this board setup example issues that are found may be posted as individual tasks and assigned to team members. As tasks are added, they’re dragged through each of the funnel: Requested, In Progress and Fixed as they are addressed.

Team Management – Board

Posted on by admin

In Vabotu, you can manage you team by creating Columns for each team member as show below: Simply add individual tasks to each column. This way you and your team will have a clear understanding of who is working on what.

Daily Tasks – Board

Posted on by admin

When assigning tasks to a member, in Vabotu you can create a board that has columns for each-day of the week and place your tasks in there, like this: Here, in each column simply place the tasks that this member should be working on. Pretty easy right?

Small Team Board

Posted on by admin

If you are a small team, a simple task-board setup, as the one mentioned here, might be all you need. We recommend the following setup 1. TO DO column for all the planned out things that need to be done 2. DOING column for all of the work that is currently in progress being done […]

Agency Board

Posted on by admin

As an agency, design studio or established freelancer finding a way to effectively manage all your internal projects is crucial. With Vabotu, managing all of your internal and external projects is a breeze using the task-boards in collaboration with the messaging sections in Vabotu. Here’s how we recommend you setup your board in Vabotu: Creative27, […]

Client Collaboration Board

Posted on by admin

Vabotu makes it easy to collaborate with clients and manage projects via the Task-boards section. Clients will instantly know which items the team is working on, status of pending issues, and when work will be completed. Here’s a screenshot of how we recommend you setup your board in Vabotu:We recommend creating the following columns:1. Status […]

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