vasile vabotu

Vabotu’s Creator

Vabotu is an ultra-innovative product brought to you by the incredible team at Creative27; a multi-award-winning Digital Agency.

Vasile B. Tiplea is the mastermind of an array of creative successes that includes founding and holding the title of CEO for the multi-award-winning Digital Agency, Creative27. With a history of success and achievement and an impressive client list that features many of the Fortune 500 companies; Vasile has a wealth of experience, and a genuine passion for developing and leading successful projects, that are cleverly crafted and effervescently appealing to look at.

Vabotu’s Purpose

Vabotu was designed to satisfy the dynamic and demanding needs of digital professionals who need an intelligent and seamless, collaboration tool that enables fluid communication between those who work together on projects.

Tired of using a multitude of products to message, project manage, seek approvals, gain feedback and generally pull-together the work and communications of remote team-workers; Enter Vabotu.  In a nutshell, it is a homegrown product, born out of a desire to satisfy the internal needs and demands of the team at Creative27. It has been lovingly designed, created and molded around the ever-changing needs of digital professionals and those who work with them. 

Who is Vabotu For

Digital Creative Agencies, global teams, remote teams, internals, externals, and individuals; Vabotu is for Everyone.

With the number of remote employees on a steep incline, that is showing no signs of slowing down, along with a greater need to have total transparency and ALWAYS up to date information that is easy to access, wherever you are; Vabotu solves so many challenges that Digital Creatives encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Working with multiple people, in different companies, across various locations, sometimes in different time zones, can prove to be a challenge.

• Do you have the latest version of the file?
• Has Bob seen this yet, what does he think? Is he happy with our progress?
• I need a file now, but it’s the weekend, and I cannot find it.

With Visual Task Board, Image-based collaboration, messaging and so much more, Vabotu is soon to be the must-have collaboration tool for Digital Creatives EVERYWHERE.